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Founder’s Message

My inspiration to establish an interior design and contracting company was creativity and uniqueness. At the time of the inception of this company, there were an array of lucrative business opportunities available in the market. But what drew me to this field was innovation.

Innovation cannot be explained without the mention of creativity. The interwoven relationship between the two ensures that one cannot thrive without the other. Creativity is

thinking up of new things, whereas innovation is doing new things. And I believe that creativity is always an antidote for monotony. My years of experience have taught me that capital and experience are both secondary to ideas. If you have

ideas, you have the core ingredient for your business.

— T. Samuel

Our Values


Unmatched customer service and Innovative Solutions



Optimize growth by achieving the desired return on investment.



Incentivize our employees through motivational rewarding schemes.

Our goal is to become an innovative leading organization in the region in the field of Joinery and Interiors. Our designs are aimed at creating efficient, pleasant and captivating environments to work and live in.