My inspiration to establish an interior design and contracting company was creativity and uniqueness. At the time of the inception of this company, there were an array of lucrative business opportunities available in the market. But what drew me to this field was innovation.

Innovation cannot be explained without the mention of creativity. The interwoven relationship between the two ensures that one cannot thrive without the other. Creativity is thinking up of new things, whereas innovation is doing new things. And I believe that creativity is always an antidote for monotony.

My years of experience have taught me that capital and experience are both secondary to ideas. If you have ideas, you have the core ingredient for your business.


We believe that success comes from relentless focus on shared vision, innovation and execution.

Since its inception in the year 1997, we have come a long way and have emerged as market leaders. The unique amalgamation of commitment and confidence is the essence of our organization’s culture. Our close knit set of dynamic personnel is extremely capable of coordinating and understanding the objectives and needs of the clients; thereby, reinforcing a positive attitude in every single phase of our project development process. From the onset, to the work-in-progress, till the final handover of our projects, you will experience our dedication in our exceptional service levels and workmanship.

To stay responsive to our clients, we embrace new work methods provided by technology and developments in our actual approach that would best suit to the projects.